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the new me! psyk! [Aug. 17th, 2004|05:56 pm]
[my feeling |amusedamused]
[sexual feeling |twiztid-serial killer]

ey peepz..well i made a new lj so this is it..


well this one is now for my "pothead" communities..im not a pothead..
u can write on this one but i will prolly not comment back for a while.
everyone join this community if u like underground rap..belowtheradar
its cool..well its just new but still it will be kool...add mine new name bitches...

oh yah n ne one that goes to charter n is friends with anthony and jordan ask them to do their version
of Twiztid's Serial Killer...its funny...but u gotta also know the words kinda w.e its still funny
..haha..k bye dicks
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2004|06:11 pm]
[my feeling |blahblah]
[sexual feeling |twiztid-we dont die]

Take the "What Jokers Card are you?" Test
created by bridgette
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1st day of hell..schedule... [Aug. 16th, 2004|05:19 pm]
[my feeling |tiredtired]
[sexual feeling |watching tv]

hey there kiddies..
how was the day? yah..really...thats cool...dont care..jp
my day was the most homosexual day ever..i mean im not talking bout that men liking men type, im talking bout that men fucking in the ass while jerking him off type of homosexual..
(great im turning into Roger..damn it_oh well!)
so i walk into my first period and the first 20 minutes i get my fone taken away by the homosexual lady that everyone hates...
heres the schedule..it WILL be changing soon prolly at least by tomm. or the next day its allllllllllll....fucked up..
i will prolly change into 4th period ceramics with my slut..i miss her n need a class with her.
here it is dacks..
*geometry-124-Rothstein aka psycho bitch
*amer gov.-131-new man..COACH Peyton (he makes you say that)
*portfolio 1-213-new man..Preece
*chem 1-147-Kitson
*beg aerobics-003 (gym)-duno ladys name didnt even tell us
*eng IV- 108-::cough::bar fiend::cough:: Curland
*amer history-119-Valent

there it is dicks..now i will def not have n e of those classes except like amer gov. and eng IV and portfolio..

xoxo..<333333 ps. gonna change my lj soon...help me think of a new name...comment n tell me if u have a suggestion..

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smokin hydro, feelin fine, slow sippin on white wine yeah... [Aug. 15th, 2004|01:35 am]
[my feeling |blahblah]
[sexual feeling |ashlee simpson- pieces of you]

went to a Dolphins game today...we won..yah..go us..omg eww n this guys foot like turned all the way around n it was gross so we prolly wont have his this season...he was good also!
thats not 'too' important..haha..
 went to my homeboys house..smoked some pot..and ARI "hahaha..were such potheads man"..haha love you!
i might sell the rest of it..its a half E and its fire shit
n e one want it then call me or comment...
 eh...dont wana go to homosexual school...pissed fuckin off!
 w.e last year n e way...cant wait to see "MY SLUT" i miss her a lot and i hope shes doing better...
I Love You All!!
see ya soon...xoxo..
ps. got the coolest backpack its the shit! haha...
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this is Futurama where the cyborgs ill shoot yo mama.. [Aug. 12th, 2004|11:36 pm]
[my feeling |blahbleh]
[sexual feeling |watching Futurama.' where the cyborgs ill shoot yo mama']

eh...today was a gay day...

i wake up and then this is what happened...


::my day::

*Nina called me and we talked for a while

*she wanted me to 3-way Ari so i did

*we all talked for 2 hours

*went online talked to some ppl there

*talked to Ari again

*Nina called me back talked to her

*watched tv

*went over my friends house and watched Intolerable Cruelty

*came home and got ready for work

*went to work from 5-815

*Roger picked me up and we went to Best Buy

*i got food at Mr. Chang's

*we went to Hollywood video but didnt find one we wanted

*went to my house and then ate, watched Family Guy and Futurama

*now im talking on here...


u ppl dont even post n e thing n e more...i feel like noone evens cares about me n e more...

i write how im so depressed n shit n need some ppl to talk to n then noone even answers my journals!

i just dont understand, i guess i just do need professional help then..i just need someone to talk to about my life!

not that n e one of my "friends" even care...

pCe Out hOmies


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GoodBye Cruel World...haha [Aug. 11th, 2004|12:11 pm]
[my feeling |annoyedannoyed]
[sexual feeling |watching conan o'brian]

ask meCollapse )
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until the day i die, i spill my heart for you... [Aug. 11th, 2004|02:02 am]
[my feeling |awake]
[sexual feeling |watching story of the year on mtv]

until the day i die, i spill my heart for you..Collapse )
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everytime i try to fly, i fall, without my wings i feel so small, i guess i need you baby... [Aug. 11th, 2004|12:27 am]
[my feeling |depresseddepressed]
[sexual feeling |Britney Spears- Everytime]

everytime i try to fly, i fall...Collapse )

       EverytimeCollapse )
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eh bleh.. [Aug. 9th, 2004|09:48 pm]
[my feeling |blaheh..bleh...]
[sexual feeling |NonPhixion- Futurama]

do this right now gang-sta!!!

(high pitch -sta part, inside joke bitches) holla!!!

your mutha..fill this out niggaCollapse )
do this now gang-sta!!!</font>

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ehh...bored...your mutha.. [Aug. 9th, 2004|08:15 pm]
[my feeling |blahbleh...]
[sexual feeling |story of the year- anthem of our dying day]

gay ass survey...Collapse )

bah...im bored...thats y i fuckin did this damn thing...

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Love Quiz... [Aug. 8th, 2004|01:56 pm]
[my feeling |boredwaiting round for Roger]
[sexual feeling |Incubus- southern girl]

try this love quiz...didnt kno how to make a link cut or w.e u call  it someone teach me lol

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My Fucking Boring Ass Night.. [Aug. 8th, 2004|12:36 am]
[my feeling |blahbleh..]
[sexual feeling |watching Chris Rock on HBO]

today was gay.. what happened..
*woke up..wanted to wake up early but ended up being at 1240..
*got dressed
*went with my parents..every..fuckin..where...
*went to walgreens,dropped off cameras
 *went to bank
*went to Smokey Bones to eat
*went to Hollywood, looked for some shit for our backyard
*went to Ft. Lauderdale Harley Davidson
*went to Sam's club
*called all yall mother fuckers and of course again..noone answers there god damn fone..wtf is wrong with u ppl..u have cell fones..ANSWER THEM!!!!
*went home
*found Jared there waiting for me..
*chilled in my house for a while..
 *went to Bobbys, chilled there for a while
 *went to meet some ppl at Sawgrass Lanes,chilled for a while
 *went to Jareds sisters apartment but didnt have the key
*went to this kidd that was with us Dustin's house
*chilled there b.c he "basically" has his own apartment b.c his dad is like never home
*had like 2 beers and watched comedy central then left..
 *drove around for a little..
*went back to Sawgrass Lanes found noone there..
*went back to Bobby's..didnt come outside..
*drove around a little...
 *went to Jenns she couldnt come outside
*went to my house n chilled in front of it for like 1 hour n 30 minutes..

that was my fuckin night..how boring was it..PRETTY FUCKING BORING!!!

 talk to yall niggas later..pCe fuckin bitches...xoxo

ps. i miss my tay tay...my slut...my taylor..!!!
I MISS YOU!!!!!    I hope ur feeling better girlie...xoxo I LOVE YOU!!

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Thee Day... [Aug. 7th, 2004|12:15 am]
[my feeling |calmwell..just a lil calmer..]
[sexual feeling |watching entourage...on HBO]

whats goin on peepz!
well today was a shitty day, turned good!
 what happened today lets c...
*woke up to Roger's call
*took a shower
*got a call im not hanging out until 700pm. got fuckin pissed off
*called every fuckin person i kno!
 assholes mother fuckin cunts..all u damn fucks could not answer ur god damn cell fones or some ppl house fones..or hanging out with other ppl n all smoking weed putting in my fuckin face damn it! ehh...where was i...
*talked to Ari for like 2 hours..
*talked to my mommie
*went to Wal*Mart
*met Roger
*saw Collateral (good ass fuckin movie)
*cried again *went home
 *made food(didnt get to eat it)
 *my old friend Sabrina came back home and is gonna stay here Senior year b.c her dumb mom
*chilled with her/smoked 3 bowls...
*came home
*talked to Ari
*ate my food finally after it was fuckin ice ass mother fuckin cold...but was still str8
 *talked to Ari again...

wow what a weird ass shitty day..but it turned out good tho..


im madd b.c "MY SLUT" did not answer her damn fone n i wanted to chill with her...

 xoxo i love yaz.....
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I will Love You Forever!!!! [Aug. 5th, 2004|11:24 pm]
Your a very warm person who wants to be loved for who you are. Love means the world to you but you want it to be right. You have a vision of perfection when it comes to true love.

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please forgive me baby... [Aug. 5th, 2004|09:59 pm]
[my feeling |crushedcrushed]
[sexual feeling |hoobastank-what happened to us?]

i want you to dl this song...u kno who u r if u do n its not the person im talking about then thats okay also but u kno who u r and I Love U A Lot!!!!   please forgive me for everything...

Hoobastank- what happened to us?Collapse )

xoxo baby i love you...please love and forgive me...
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Im Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorry, ::I Love You:: [Aug. 5th, 2004|03:14 pm]
[my feeling |crushedcrushed]
[sexual feeling |hoobastank-what happened to us...]

im so fuckin stupid! y do i not think before i fuckin act! arhhh...
i just did the worst thing i could do...ahhh...
i hate myself im so fuckin dumb! y do i fuckin act like this...i sooo fuckin dumb! i cant take myself being this way n e more! im done with it! i need to just die! i hate how i dont think before i act or talk! y do i do it..b.c im a fuckin retard, thats y! i just hurt someone i care a lot about n i didnt even mean to! fuck me, and fuck my fuckin life! thats it...its ended! i hate it! everything always goes wrong n e ways! i mean im the worst gf, worst daughter, worst friend, worst student, worst everything and i fuckin hate it! i hate being like this! it sucks major ass! i hate it and i hate my life! its over and done now!
all i do just wanna say tho, to that person is that :
::Forever Hand In Hand::

::How much I love you::
::Do you realize?::
::Just take a look::
::Into the depths of my eyes::
::If you look really hard::
::My heart you will find::
::For my eyes are just windows::
::To the real me inside::

::Just what you mean to me::
::Will you ever find?::
::Just listen to the words::
::Going through my mind::
::If you listen really hard::
::I know they will say::
::That my thoughts are of you::
::Each and everyday::

::How much you mean to me::
::Will you ever know?::
::Just read the words::
::That are written on my soul::
::If you look really hard::
::Then you will understand::
::That in my forever::
::We will be hand in hand::
No matter what im sorry baby and I Love You..xoxo
i didnt mean to..u know i was just playing around with u and im incredibly soooooooooo(infiniti o's) sorry...please forgive me babe...i will make it up to you...just forgive me please???...
"i want to be with you tonight, with our legs crossed and tongues tied..."
i miss you a lot...please forgive me...i love you...
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eh...im awake [Aug. 5th, 2004|12:05 am]
[my feeling |artisticartistic]
[sexual feeling |ashlee simpson-pieces of me]

ya kno, fat joe is incredibly homosexual. n e ways had to notify that..
 i gotta go to work tomm. at 5-815 or sum shit..i hate it.. i barely even work.. so obviously i dont get paid much..
ahhhh...i wana kill em (my bosses) dumb jews...i can say that cuz im half jewish yeah yeah recognize biatches..im as jewish as the background of Roger's lj..haha
eh...i got new ringtones there cool..i got: 
*Story Of The Year- Anthem Of Our Dying Day
*Britney Spears- Toxic
*Chronic Future- Time and Time Again
*Hoobastank- The Reason
*Cypress Hill- I Want To Get High
yup yup my fone is the shiznit fo shizzle my nizzle...i wana smizoke marijuizana...
just wanted to c how artistic looked on my thing...
u kno jadakiss is a fuckin weird ass mother fuckin nigga (haha look ninga and nigga look alike hehe black people r funny) ninga turtle biatch..i mean he doesnt make sense with his new song...i mean cmon he goes "why they come up with the witness protection" wtf is that bullshit..uh..how bout to keep ppl safe fuckin tard..omg these rappers r fuckin suckin even more. he comes back n fuckin sucks more...damn n he only told the fuckin truth to b.c he goes"why rappers gotta lie in their rhymes 85% of the time" or sum shit like dat...uh..how bout u fuckin lie ass...arg sry that just made me madd b.c hes a tard...i feel bad for Anthony Hamilton (the singer in his "why" song) b.c hes a good singer n he had to be on dat fucks new song...
omg skool is in a fuckin week n couple of days..eh...bleh...well at least im gonna be a jenior...junior/senior hope i graduate..im not going very far n e ways b.c im a tard myself...someone asked me if i wana go to skool high on August 16th im like uh..i dun wana start off lyk dat...c i headed in the right direction at first...lets c a couple months from now...more like a couple of weeks ...thats sux tho...sum 1 help me get on the right track to not continue to be a tard...HELP ME BITCH!! in Rick James voice...
u need to call me Slut i havent talked to u in like forever! i feel alone....im scared...
xoxo look at this kidds background its funny...
no offense to those dicks that r catholic or christian cuz im half catholic dicks so shut up n laugh asses...
pCe dicks...
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eh...pissed [Aug. 4th, 2004|10:26 pm]
[my feeling |pissed offpissed off]
[sexual feeling |story of the year- anthem of our dying day]

ya kno ppl r so unappreciative to others...i mean ok, i was trying to help someone out n i told them b4 i didnt wana i just wanted to show them when the next tym i saw em. but they were like...ahhh just tell me so im like ehhh...fine w.e so then i go to help em n not knowing they had something different b.c they didnt tell me we get into an arguement. but no afterwards they r all like "arg i dont want ur help n e ways ...bleh..." so im like omg fuck it then fine w.e! when i was like no from the fucking beginning...u kno who u r n next tym i c u i will fucking help u god damn it! shit! ahhh....
xoxo <33333 love yall and u who pissed me off...just dont make me madd damn it!!!!
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my new skanker... [Aug. 3rd, 2004|08:03 pm]
[my feeling |giddygiddy]
[sexual feeling |playin wif da skanker]

omg im soooooo excited..
i just got my new fone...
it has sooo many cool things on it....
someone call me b.c i wanna play with it...hehe
well Slut u n Thee Andres better have worked things out or else ima slap that kidd...
I Love U Slut!!!
g2g play wif "da skanker" ( my fone) k
omg Slut thats the new name for my fone... haha love it! xoxo love lots...
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eh...gettin a new fone [Aug. 3rd, 2004|04:51 pm]
[my feeling |blaheh...]
[sexual feeling |Sabac Red- A Change Gon' Come]

im so excited i might go get my new fone soon...
thank god i need a new one..
 eh....im bored...
woke up at 1:10 today...
pissed off i dont gotta work till thursday..
 love my new Sabacolypse cd..
 need ta take the pics Roger...
im bored...
I Love My Slut!!!!
well dont really have much to say right now...talk l8r i guess....
ps. im not a pothead ...im a "recreational smoker"!!!
and how come everytime everyday i look at the clock its exactly 4:20 damn it!!! w.e only i can call myself a pothead...but im not...
 xoxo much love peepz gotta get da new fone...<3333333
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aye.... [Aug. 3rd, 2004|01:37 am]
[my feeling |boredbored]
[sexual feeling |im watching i love the 70s and i wasnt even a thought]

its like 1:36am and i am still up.
i prolly gotta work tomm.
aye....im bored
dont have n e thing to do.
my boobs hurt.
i wonder how my slut is...???
i hope shes not sad...
damn it! my "D" letter key broke off my comp...FUCK
im just gonna go...
I Love you Slut...xoxo UR Skank....
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we aint goin out like that, we aint goin out like that [Aug. 2nd, 2004|11:43 am]
[my feeling |boredbored]
[sexual feeling |Cypress Hill....every song.....]

i was so excited yesterday night i duno y. i was like omg i still cant get over me meeting NonPhixion like it was soooo amazing. well yall wont understand unless ur some of my friends (Roger,Jordan.Paige,Anthony,MattG,maybe others too).  but like it was awsome...i finally made my "NonPhixion Wall",  it looks tight as fuck! now i just need to take the pic, send it to Ill Bill, and he will post it on his website. i will try to post my pics also on here or w.e when i get em developed if i can fit em all...."My Slut"...hunny u better call me cuz we need to give thee andres a ass kicking haha...cuz he better not do n e thing to ya...today i cleaned my room and have dun nothing. tomm. my mommie is taking me to Cingular and ima prolly get my new fone...YEAY!! i would get the new Motorola V400 fone....oh yah...thats the shiznit...yes ROGER my fone will be better then ur "flip it fone". i kno u will be jealous cuz u wanted it, WELL TOO BAD!!!! jp but umm....yah will be back l8r peepz...pCe xoxo
 Love Always, UR Skank....Well....only Sluts but still pCe <33333
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most exciting day ever....ITs THE NON-PH-I-X-ION.... [Aug. 1st, 2004|05:52 pm]
[my feeling |ecstaticecstatic as a mother fuck]
[sexual feeling |NonPhixion-Futurama(which they didnt do)...bleh]

i wake up at 730am and can not wait to go to taylors house so her mom can take up to warped tour.  i just think about what i will say if i meet NonPhixion. heres how it went:

  • got dropped off and ran to get to see Atmosphere that had to fuckin start at 1145 so we were kinda late, but we only missed like 2 or 3 songs so it was ok.
  •  we cut like 50 ppl in line and then this fat ass jamaican lookin biatch had to fuckin yell and say shit but we still got by her. then we went to get through to get checked if we had n e thing on us. obviously my dumb mother fuckin ass forgot to put my weed in my damn shoe or sum place n then the lady saw i had sumthin n made me throw it out. DAMN STUPID FUCKIN NIG! but it was like nothing n e ways...but still its pot.
  • then we went n ran to see Atmosphere cuz i heard from a far it was mosdef him...i kno my man! so were watching him and i turn around n i see bagel so he stood with me and my slut.
  • after Atmosphere i saw the "odd jobs guy" (cres moon), and we took pics and got autographs.
  • we really wanted to get Atmosphere, so we snuck backstage n the stupid fuckin fat bald guy had to be like "oh im fat wheres ur backstage passes" were like we dont have n e. "o0o0 well then get out" n some stupid shit like that. so we had to walk all.....the way around again and cut like 200+ ppl to get back in. we finally did with "rogers excellent pursuasion" and then we got back with taylor and bagel.
  • we walked around to the code of the cutz ten and asked where NonPhixion was and the man said they should be in their tent. i hauled ass over there and were like ok where the fuck r they and roger spotted their tent...o..m..g...i flipped the fuck out...i got to see Ill Bill,DJ Eclipse, and Q-Unique it was fuckin awsome! they "LOVED....." my shirt soooo much that ill bill told me to take a pic and email it to him so he could put it on his website. i almost died. that was soo fucking amazing. i took pics with them all and got all of their autographs. talked to them a little while "was" gonna smoke with them but had to throw it out...it was still all good tho b.c i saw who i wanted. i also got the sabacolypse cd like i wanted and some posters.
  • we left that tent and went to walk around a lil more. we got lost from roger and bagel so we were like w.e fuck it and just stayed together. we went to the vans tent and got some hoTt shirts and got awsome hats for free.
  • we walked around a little after that...it started raining and everyone became wild animals...some guys were chanting for some girls to take their tops off and unfortunately me n taylor were right by them so we were gonna "see some titties" thank god for the po...omg i just did not say that
  • we went and saw some of Coheed and Cambria and then couldnt see that well so decided to walk around to the other side. ended up talking to Ill Bill again as passing by...had to pee and couldnt hold it b.c i was wet and cold from the rain. so i had to resort to the "port-o-shitters". omg eww i was in and out of there as fast as i fuckin could. it was the most disgusting thing ive ever done in my life...well not my life, but ppl r nasty n who takes shits in a port-o-potty eww!
  • we got a fone call from roger and bagel to come back to the tent and i saw Immortal Technique. we talked to him for a while and it wasnt n e thing important b/c ive heard of his past n its not n e thing great b/c hes a nasty fuck but hes still a good rapper. but he said the most random things.
  • by that time it was time for NonPhixion to go on. we were all psyched and couldnt wait. we got front row and i kinda pushed some tall guy outta the way to see even more but he became nice and sat down for me...thank you nice guy...
  • so were watching them and finally we see Sabac Red (part of NonPhixion), and then they do their thing which was the shit!!! Ill Bill even put the mic up to me and was looking and pointing at me the whole time....i kinda felt like their lil groupie. afterwards fucking Immortal Technique had to use the rest of their amazing time to use the last 30minutes of the performance up. but it was still good.
  • it was 400 so thats when Taking Back Sunday was on and taylor really really wanted to see them but unfortunatly we got pushed around and ppl felt to crowd surf around us. then it started to pur fucking hell and ppl got crazy as fucking maniacs. they were moshing like hell. and we like ran like little pussys away....we got makeup and water in our eyes but it was still great. wish we could have got close up to seem them but fucking weirdos end up doing that....it was still all good.
  • we went to the tents and me n roger got some things from Mr. Dibbs and Atmosphere and taylor got soemthing from Taking Back Sunday.
  • we walked around a little went back to the main stage to sit a little and to see who else was there playing but it was some gay ass band. so then as we were freezing when it started to rain again we just left and walked around a little more to some tents.
  • we went back to the underground rap tent and just sat there for a little while. we went to see what time Story of the Year went on but it wasnt for another 1 1/2 hours and we had nothing to do, plus it was pouring. we went and just sat under the tent talked to some guys who were drunk as fuck and they were like hitting on me and taylor when roger went away. but then the most piss ass drunk guy took pics of my damn ass and hit on taylor like fuck. the guys gave us a 20oz of beer and were str8 as fuck.
  • we walked around after we got kicked out of the tent and were getting impatient or at least i was b.c taylor saw Story of the Year 4 times already and i just didnt care. roger wanted to see them but then we were like well where we gonna go to...hello they collected the fucking tents...so we just decided to go home and chill the rest of the night.
  • when we got to the car the same guys parked next to us and were all like "hey u wanna hitt this fatty right quick" im like oh shit str8..but then when i tasted it it was a piece of shit j. i mean i dont like j's to begin with b.c its an only "on the go smoke"...it was str8 tho roger wanted it and they gave it to us so he kept it...i wouldnt have tho.
  • we left and and an awsome day...I LOVE NonPhixion and cant wait to see them when they come again (if they really do) in like November....pce out ppl ur day could never be as good as mines...unless ur taylor or roger....xoxo <33333 love ya

ps will post pics when get developed....

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awake and completely bored [Jul. 30th, 2004|09:10 pm]
[my feeling |awake]
[sexual feeling |thats so raven]

*All About You*
Full name: lisa marie indictor
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?: i have no clue
Age: 17
If you could be any other age, what age would you be?: maybe 18...i like being 17 its a thrill going n smoking n buying alcochol w/out being of age.
Height: 5' 2'' i think
Weight: ???
Shoe Size: 6 1/2 and 7
Hair Color: golden brown w/ little highlights
Eye Color: greenish hazel
What's one thing that makes you unique?: just me
What are your best features? (on your face): my eyes
What about your body are you most confident about?: i duno
Most self-conscious about?: everything

Hangouts: my room, ppls houses
Websites: livejournal,nonphixion,necrohiphop,cell fone sites,etc.
Movies: pulp fiction,kill bill vol.1&2,n others
Music: tech n9ne, mos def, necro, kmk, lazy bone, other ppl cant think of
Stores: all malls
About the Opposite sex: the schlong

*LEAST Favorite*
Bands/Groups: n e gay punk band

*Do you*
Like your appearance?: kinda
Like your personality?: yeah
Think you're funny?: sometimes
Have a lot of friends?: i guess
Usually go out on Friday nights?: yah
Believe in love at first sight?: uh..no
Have a boy/girl friend? nope

About how many friends do you have?: wtf,cmon...i dont count
Who can make you smile, no matter what mood you are in?: carlos,chris,taylor,anthony,jordan,andres,trevor,alex,roger...
Do any of your friends just piss you off?: uh...lol yah...
Do you get sick of your friends easily?: no
Which friend do you secretly LOVE?: none
Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you are comfortable enough with to talk about almost anything?: yah almost all

have you ever been in love?: yah
Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out?: have before..someones gotta get the job done
Have you ever been attracted to someone physically unattractive?:no
What's more important, love or sex?: depends...if u love the person then yah but if not hell na the sex is all it is
Would you still carry out a relationship if you family absolutely hated the person you were dating?: yah

*Have you ever...*
Smoked?: yah
Done drugs?: yah
Did anything sexual?: yah
Grinded with a complete stranger?: only drunk
Told someone you loved them?: yah
meant it?: yah
Needed to tell somebody something but were afraid you couldn't trust them?: yah
Got in a fight?: almost
Felt suicidle?: yah

*Past, Present & Future*
Right now, what is your biggest regret?: the day of june 10th
List some things you want to do before you turn 18: i duno
What do you think would be the worst way to die?: hanging or suffering
Best way to die?: sleep
Write your own gravestone engraving: ....nothing important....
What song will be played at your funeral?: icp feat. twiztid- homiez, n kmk-4-20

*I Wish...*
I had...: billions of dollars
I didn't have...: the father i do
I could...: do w.e the fuck i wanna w. out n e one saying n e thing
My family...: wasnt so annoying

If you could plan your own birthday party, and money was no object, what would you do?: everything i could
If your house suddenly caught on fire and you could save 3 things, what would you save?: nothing i could think of...not materialistic...but my weed
What would you throw into the fire?: my dad
Is there something that you totally oppose? (Ex. Abortion, gays, biracial dating etc): men cheating on woman n then they let them back into their lives like my fucking cunt ass dad that i wanna kill.
If you got pregnant when you were really young, like 14, would you have an abortion?:possibly, i might die if i have the baby b.c i would be too small to have it
Who would you risk your life for?: mom,brother,roger
How easy is it to make you laugh?:
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its the non-ph-i-x-ion....yeEessss cant wiz8 [Jul. 30th, 2004|08:47 pm]
[my feeling |cheerfulover joyed]
[sexual feeling |myself being a cunt mother fucker being happy]

what happened today in my boring ass life...
lets c...
-woke up at 800am
-went to work from 10-2
-went to mall for like 2 hours b.c roger was pose to pick me up but couldnt get there till like 250 n we walked around a little, he wanted a free smoothie from orange julius so we had to go over there.
-b4 i met roger the weirdest fuckin thing happend to me.  im walking around waiting for him n i pass by this girl who looks like ive seen her b4 or w.e n she gives me the same damn look so w.e we walk by eachother n then she keeps staring at me n im like have i fuckin seen her b4 in my damn life it was creeping me out so i turn around n she turned around the same damn time...it was weird i dunno...but it just so happen it was the chick that freakin wrote on my lj w.e i dont care n e ways...
-so i meet roger we go to my house n i take a shower n change
-we meet his mama at the mall to buy warped tickets n then we chill there again for a while.
-we come back to my house n eat b.c were jews n didnt want to spend money...mostly roger
-we go back to the mall n i bought my ticket
-i decided to get a fuckin hott ass shirt made by the graffiti artist guy there in front of sirens.
-i got the front says i<3 NoNPhiXioN n the back says the future is now... its cool
-came back home
-"chilled" for a while
-talked to taylor
-had to wash dishes
-now writin on this
so0o0oo that was not interesting at all...cant wait till warped only 11 more hours to go...yeEes!
omg im so smokin wif nonphixion i dont care that would be so chill mann!  NO ROGER, I AM NOT SLEEPING WIF ILL BILL OR SABAC RED!!!
slut cant wait ahhh omg this will be str8 now!!!

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im not a juggaho damn it!!! [Jul. 29th, 2004|09:50 pm]
[my feeling |(hypnosis)..go to sleep...]
[sexual feeling |remy shand- take a messege...member that shit]

some one today told me im a "juggaho" damn it! i refuse to be called that! whats next...omg....being a juggalo!!! fuck no! thatll never happen. i will not let it happen! but no just b.c u like some music that just happens to be like almost a lot of "juggalo" songs u r not a "juggaho"! jordan,chris majors, n other ppl r ther juggalos damn it! n anthony, matt grable n some other fucks r juggahos! not me! dont put me in that category u!
 u kno who u r!...{scary whispery voice}..

<3 ok here is my lame day! i wake up...bleh...
-talked on fone
-watched tv
-took shower
-talk on fone with "impotent" {had to emphasize} ppl "b.c im an impotent nigga" (inside joke)
-went to work
-had to stay xtra 30 min. b.c of some fat fuckin guy but nooo...this is "cuttin carbs" n im not eating fatening foods n bleh...im a jew thats italian...n bleh...im annoying...(sry that guy made me really madd)
-came home from work
-talked to roger
-cooked food
-went on nonphixion.com, unclehowie.com, necrohiphop.com, livejournal.com, some ringtones sites n some other sites i cant member
-talked to some ppl
-now on herre

<3 whata boring day right...yah...thats basically been my summer...
o0o0oo yeah i almost forgot....lol
-talked to carlos n he is the most coolest kidd i know. omg he is "the bomb" (member that one, its comin back soon...watch out now)!!! he is the sweetest kidd ever omg i love him sooo much he is fine n bleh...i duno what else to say to make him happy so....im rambling on making this long so...ableh...
right now its 1:08 n i need to get up in 7 hours but i cant fuckin fall asleep so w.e
slut im still waiting for warped...i cant wait to see nonphixion n atmosphere (again) n this time dont make me forget to get a shirt and some shit from atmosphere n shit b.c i didnt last time at the concert n i should have....im stealing ur rhymesayers hat roger...beware im coming for it.....dun dun dun duuuunnnn...


i love you slut! xoxo my mom wants to talk to urs tomm.....i mean today...i mean..u kno what i mean...bye slut.
-ps omg yall member that jonnell song...damn that shits old lol ....really dont kno what u came here for, round n round we go, sittin ur bags outside the door, round and round we go.....dont understand where im comin from, and my heart is tellin me ur not the one, all the games you played and all the lies, your not the one for me no more so baby bye bye, pack ur bags n get ta steppin, gotta let it go n stop trippin (u know i aint gonna let u back in)...cuz uz a fool...lol omg i loved that song  sry had to break into song
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herre_is_some_shiznit_for_yall_mother_fuckers [Jul. 29th, 2004|09:19 pm]
[my feeling |blahbleh...]
[sexual feeling |nonphixion-they got]

this makes me a very madd person. i hate when ppl u dont even kno comment on ur live journal just b.c its on there friends journal n they dont like what u have to say to them. cant ppl like kno its none of their fucking business? i mean shit i dont talk to ppl i aint kno n e more, but no it happens to me all the damn time. pft. i just dont get it.....hmm.....ok!

my tummy hurts.
i think im pregnant!!!! omg! omg! omg! wait i didnt have sex with n e one! haha yah...well so how was every fucks day...yah...really....cool...dont care.

ahhhh....bleh...have nothing to say.....live journal really helps out ppl with boring lives such as myself.
slut my mom says she will tell me the answer tomm. bout warped....yah i know it only took fucking forever
roger and that 1st part was directed to you. could u tell ur damn stephanie friend to stay out of my journal. i know u told her to leave a comment. so uh...how bout dont, ass fuck!
she said..."i actually care about roger, even if YOU think i dont know anything about him. hes my friend"..aha....sniff sniff tear...cry about it bitch...roger this was between us y would u get her involved to write something???

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i hate my life....worst summer ever! [Jul. 28th, 2004|05:51 pm]
[my feeling |enragedenraged/sad/lonely..]
[sexual feeling |silence]

omg do u notice how many damn times i have said this week that i hate my life {more like this summer}. that is because this whole entire summer has been a piece of shit. from the last day of school till now its has sucked. so much cool crap could have happened but its b.c my damn dad is an asshole n needs to fucking die. like honestly i hate him like forreal i actually have a hate built for him. he is annoying, rambles on about some dumb shit thinking he knows fucking everything in the whole world. guess what u fucking dont now get over it. i hate him so damn much he is the biggest asshole i know. he ruined my mom,my brother, and my life. especially my moms. but how could she take him back? b.c shes a gullible bitch thats how. ever since the day he walked right back into the door i hated him. i wanna actually kill him n make him dead by stabbing him so many god damn times. n chopping off his fucking head. i might be getting a lil sadistic talking about my father but i hate him a lot. i want to while he is sleeping cut his throat, stab his eyeballs out, chop off his head, n limbs, n torture him n make him suffer just like he has made me suffer n tortured me since i was in 5th grade. i hate him. then i will throw his limbs into a ditch somewhere, n his body to float aways in a river so alligators could eat his body and rip him even more apart. i hate my fucking father n hope he dires. i honestly will not cry if hes dead i will only cry b.c my mom will be alone n i will feel bad for her b.c she is so sweet n he i know treats he like shit. i want to kill him. he has made my life a living hell n i hope he will pay for it. i honestly think i might need to see a therapist in the future again b.c of my dad builds so much damn hate in me. i cant live on my life like this. how come this has to be me. he trys to control my mother but most of the time it doesnt work. i have punched him n gave him a bloody lip n nose n black eye n swollen balls im sure from the last time i hit him n i will do it again. i hate him forever n i wish he was gone forever. i dont care where but just gone. i would get rid of him myself but i just dont wanna go to jail n make my life even worst. this is the worst summer ever. i got broke up with, terrible sat scores, duno if passed fcat again, im gonna be a junior/senior {even tho report card says passed to 12th}, got punished, prolly cant go to warped, now got no hours for work, got yelled at almost every ight for some dumb shit from my dad, n just everything i ahte my life n everything having to do with it. i just want to die. i have to go b4 i hurt myself physically cuz mentally im already there! even worst, i duno if i will even be able to graduate next year with my class b.c i am retarded n dont know shit so i prolly wont do good this year no matter how hard i try i am a loser n suck at everything i do. i hate myself b.c my father is a dick n makes me feel like shit! he should die n rott in hell forever.
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o0o0oowww here u go damn it!!!!! [Jul. 28th, 2004|03:32 pm]
[my feeling |crappycrappy]
[sexual feeling |nonphixion- futurama]

this is a song that is fucking awsome n  somebody   had to make me do it all over here it is okay!!!! happy now damn it!!!! 

download it ppl its cool n if ur going to warped then go c em at the rap part k ull lyk it....i think...well u will w.e


NonPhiXioN- FuTuraMa
[ill bill] 

they got aids affecting the globe, laser weapons and clones
 comfortable as presidents, death, artificial intelligence
frozen organs, post-mortim, alien?
get your vibe together who decides truth? guys in ties and suits?
violent coups from private schools?
weve got rules of taunt, duals of war,using thugs like swords
pay for groceries, the dna clothes in your vocal cords
 the order of the world has already been bought
robocops programmed to kill and ready for war
drink your cocaine cuz drugs is legal
androids rule, the streets ill be dark, screamin fuck the people
even a priest can fall in love with evil
if a bitch to suckin his dick, swollowing nothing, gulp the semen
election day, young americans will vote for demons, overachieving
yo we sniff blow, or blow up pieces


 welcome to futurama where the cyborgs will shoot ya mama
a cross between terminator 3 and tutankhamun
this is ill bill reporting for a new assignment
ready to rock with the ruger nine shinin
this is futurama where the cyborgs will shoot ya mama
a cross between terminator 3 and tutankhamun
this is ill bill reporting for a new assignment
ready to rock with the ruger nine shinin


 the noose is tightening, news of sightings,the truths frightening
kabbalah studies in 51 produced by the titans
follow the sergeant, the one handle and largest, the vents
 made the top of department, fire bomb and projects intent
 video farewells off to majesty is all for salary
ya never hold a grudge, they could hold us to applebees
my teams fast, the irs be thuggin with masks
 on the run for war games, bugs, and funneling cash
 i rob anyone, a lawyer with a gun in his stash
beneath, the remains of human ash,the gun and the ?bagel?
gangsta, sherry ketamine the medicine the pirelli spin, the new water
 (speakin through television like benny hin?)
we blazin, pop collars like hockey raids
pac was framed, they killed him in the spot near the caves
 to vegetate, claimin credit to detonate
 human bombs, nuclear arms,super market, cancer and farms


 welcome to futurama where the cyborgs ill shoot ya mama
a cross between a terminator 3 and tutankhamun
this is goretex reporting for a new assignment
 ready to rock with the ruger nine shinin
 this is futurama where the cyborgs ill shoot ya mama
a cross between a terminator 3 and tutankhamun
 this is goretex reporting for a new assignment
 ready to rock with the ruger nine shinin

 [ill bill]

 at the fight club, fist, knives, and guns
tribes are ?, canabalistic humanoid
 underground drugs, rainin blood
 sorta like slave did in '86, communicate with aliens, there he is
 i made run dmc sell me, the devils soul, make your head explode
 with the planable chip, by remote control, i told them what to expect
 fuck love and respect, when your on your knees with a gun to your head
see my sonic temples lost truth, gods that were size proof
nickel plated 9s shoot, crimes loot
 i recruit the true mistics, i turn goons futuristic
we too sadistic, comin at you with two bisquits

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pissed off as fuck [Jul. 28th, 2004|02:05 pm]
[my feeling |infuriatedinfuriated]
[sexual feeling |fuckin infuriated at you]

i hate you. why do u have to be so rude to someone ur supposed to have loved or still love. u dont act like that to human beings especially ones that you are supposed to care about. how could you do this n treat me this way. u dont give a flying fuck about my feelings or what you fukcking say to me. all u care about is ur self n ur "few" friends u say u have. u wanna know why no one wants to be ur friend n e more like andres n carlos n ppl, b.c u sell us all out for other ppl that dont even know u that well. ur lucky im the only one that has stayed around for this long. but now u dont even care. u dont even care that ur rude to me. i just wish u could get a reality check and look around yourself so then u could know who actually cares about you n who really doesnt! n u put me on ur "priority list" like underneath everyone else, fuck that shit. thats wrong b.c i know moer then n e one could ever possibly ever know about u. n just b.c u have a gf doesnt mean u cant have time for ur friends. u need to learn how to even out ur priorities n ur gfs n friends. b.c then u wont have to worry about hurting ppls feelings like you do to me, most of the time i ever talk to you. any time you also come over you just treat me like im some piece of ass n ur prolly like what a bitch y did she have to write this on her lj, i dont care whoever reads this shit i dont post shit for every single person to read all the time n most ppl dont. b/sides this is the only way i could ever get ur attention to recognize this shit going on b.c ur always making a joke n shit about me or this whole situation. i love you n care about u n we desperatly need to talk b.c this shit aint working out. u need to come over b.c u fuck around to much n this is serious. i have nothing else to say b.c u need to realize that i do everything for u n u treat me like shit now. call me or sumthing please....<333333333
dont leave a fucking comment call me instead.
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